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See the Dentist in 73401 for Same Day Crowns

April 25, 2016

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dentist in 73401Well, you have to take the good news with the not-so-bad news—or so the saying goes. The not-so-bad news is that you have a tooth that needs a dental crown. The good news is that Dr. Hughes, your dentist in 73401, can apply that crown in just one appointment. Our dental practice in Ardmore, OK, is pleased to have the CEREC System from Sirona, which allows us to prepare your tooth, design a crown and place that crown all in the course of just one visit.

Technology and Your Teeth

CEREC is the acronym for Chairside Economical Restoration of Esthetic Ceramics, or Ceramic Reconstruction. Thanks to modern dental and computer technology, this system replaces the old method of setting a dental crown in two appointments separated by a couple of weeks. During the first visit, your tooth would be prepared and a molded impression taken so our dental lab could fabricate a well-fitted crown. A temporary crown was necessary, as well, to protect your tooth. At the second visit, the temporary was removed and the permanent crown was placed.

With CEREC, all of these steps are combined into one convenient appointment.

The Components of CEREC

CEREC is comprised of three components: the camera, the computer and the milling unit. First, the CEREC digital camera captures a clear and detailed visual impression of the tooth that needs repair. This image is then entered into the computer where CEREC’s 3D CAD/CAM (computer-aided design/computer-aided manufacture) software generates the design of your same day crown. This design includes the correct size, shape and color of your crown. Every detail is considered, including the intricacies of the tooth’s biting surface.

This design is then transferred to the milling unit in our office where the crown is carved from a single block of dental porcelain or composite resin. This step takes less than 30 minutes, after which Dr. Hughes will examine the results. Minor corrections, including polishing and staining, can easily be taken care of in our office while you wait.

Placing Same Day Crowns in 73401

To properly set the crown, Dr. Hughes will need to reshape your tooth. This alteration will make it impossible for you to feel the difference between your new crown and any other tooth. The fit will be just that perfect!

To complete a same day crown appointment, the CEREC restoration is cemented into place. With proper at-home oral hygiene and regular dental checkups at our Ardmore, OK, dental practice, your crown will give you years of service.

Call Your Dentist in 73401 Today

If you’d like to know more about same day crowns in 73401, then schedule a consultation with Dr. Hughes in Ardmore, OK.

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