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Dental Bonding in Ardmore

Cosmetic bonding dental toolHave you ever noticed how your eye just seems to be drawn to that one imperfect spot in a picture—especially if you are in the picture? For example, you may have a very nice smile, but you just can’t avoid looking at that one small but bothersome flaw. Point it out to someone else and they probably won’t have even noticed. However, you notice all the time. Why let a minor smile imperfection bother you when Dr. Hughes has a quick fix? He can use dental bonding in Ardmore to conceal the flaw and give you a smile that is absolutely perfect!

Dentist speaking to familyWhen is Dental Bonding Used?

Your dentist in Ardmore uses dental bonding to erase several different kinds of flaws that can mar your smile. These include:

  • A small chip in one of your front teeth
  • A visible crack
  • A fractured tooth
  • A tooth that is misshaped or proportionally smaller
  • Teeth that have gaps in between them
  • A tooth that is permanently stained or discolored

Dental Cosmetic Bonding tool Dental Bonding for a Strong and Healthy Smile

You may already have some dental bonding material in your mouth and not even realize it. Cosmetic dental bonding requires the same composite resin material that is used to construct a tooth-colored filling. Composite resin is made of medical grade plastic and glass filler. The resulting substance is very strong and can be shaded to exactly match the color of your damaged tooth. When Dr. Hughes completes the dental bonding process, you won’t be able to tell the difference between your natural tooth and the bonding material.

Dental Cosmetic Bonding tool What is the Dental Bonding Process?

As dental procedures go, bonding is a fairly simple one. Moreover, it takes very little time and almost never requires the use of a local anesthetic so you don’t have to worry about needles or feeling numb afterwards.

To prep the tooth for treatment, we apply a mildly acidic solution to roughen the surface; this step allows dental cement to adhere better to your tooth. After this acid is rinsed away, Dr. Hughes will apply a small amount of composite resin to your tooth and begin to shape it. He uses a special curing light to harden the material and then applies another layer until the perfect shape for your tooth is revealed. When the process is complete, that little flaw is gone and you have a smile that is perfect!

Robert Hughes DDSDr. Hughes’ Exceptional Qualifications

When you have any kind of cosmetic dentistry treatment, you want to know that the dentist is eminently qualified so the results will be optimal. With Dr. Hughes, you have a dentist with years of experience as well as advanced education and training. 

In addition to his studies at Baylor University Dental School, he also completed three of the available continuum courses in Cosmetic and Restorative Dentistry with the renowned Pankey Institute, which provides advanced dental education as well as networking and other professional development opportunities for practicing dentists interested in furthering their dental education.

Dr. Hughes is a Fellow in the Academy of General Dentistry and has more than 1200 hours of general continuing education credit hours. He is a member of the Arbuckle Dental Society, Oklahoma Dental Association, Oklahoma Academy of General Dentistry, American Dental Association and the American Academy of Cosmetic Dentistry.

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