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Sturdy Implant Dentures in Ardmore

modal of dentures If you’re dealing with a smile that’s covered in minor chips, stains, and discoloration, or teeth that are misaligned, crooked, or unevenly spaced, you are not alone. We treat numerous patients every day who are unhappy with one or more aspects of their smiles, and while they’d like to achieve a straighter, brighter smile, patients think the only way to correct these flaws is to undergo multiple or extensive restorative, cosmetic, or orthodontic treatments. However, Robert V. Hughes, DDS and his dedicated dental team may be able to completely transform your smile with one minimally invasive treatment option – porcelain veneers. These custom veneers affix to the front facing surfaces of teeth correcting and concealing dental damage instantly.

man eating a strawberry What Are Implant Dentures?

Implant dentures are just what they sound like -- dentures that are supported by dental implants. Unlike traditional dentures, which rest on top of the gums, an implant denture is kept in place with the stability of titanium posts that are surgically placed beneath the gum line. Dental implants act as prosthetic tooth roots to keep the denture right where it should be.

You will not need an individual dental implant for each missing tooth. Rather, an entire prosthetic can be secured on a strategic number of implant posts. The denture can be fixed or removable, depending on your needs and preferences.

dentures in hand Benefits of Implant Dentures

There are a number of advantages associated with implant dentures. Some of the most significant benefits of this tooth replacement method include:

  • Implant dentures look and feel more natural compared to conventional dentures.
  • A sturdy, implant-supported prosthetic supports a balanced, nutritious diet.
  • It is easier to speak clearly with a properly-fitting tooth replacement.
  • An implant denture will last longer than one that rests on top of the gums.
  • Dental implants can stay sturdy for a lifetime with proper care.
  • Dental implants promote better oral and overall health over a lifetime.

Are You a Candidate?

Many patients whose tooth loss is recent and who are in generally good oral and overall health are eligible for dental implants.  In some cases, a bone graft or sinus lift procedure is necessary before the dental implants can be placed. This initial surgery helps to create a sturdier foundation to help the implant posts anchor firmly in the jaw.

The only way to find out for sure whether or not you are eligible for an implant denture is to come in for a consultation with Dr. Hughes. When you do, he will consider your oral and overall health, discuss your smile goals with you, and together you will determine which method is best for you. If it is an implant denture, you can look forward to getting started right away!

Call Our Office Today

If you are interested in benefiting from a dental implant-retained denture, we can’t wait to discuss this option with you. Go ahead and request an appointment with your dentist in Ardmore today! It is possible to enjoy a complete, beautiful smile after significant tooth loss. 

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